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9 apps you can’t live without

9 apps you can’t live without
July 5, 2019 Dru Reschke
In Blog

Strap in–here’s a list of apps that will make you look good, faster, with style.

I’m not a person who uses a lot of apps. That’s not to say I haven’t tried hundreds of them; my phone is full of lonely apps that have been opened once or twice – or not at all. Now and then I hear myself say “I have no idea what this app is – what does it do? The apps below are those I keep coming back to – in rough order of awesomeness.

 Pro HDR X – This is how you make your photos look amazeballs, even on a beaten up iPhone 6 like mine. It takes two exposure photos and overlays them, so you score perfect sunsets. The best 2 bucks you’ll ever spend.

Trello – Planning to the extreme. If you’re like me, then you need something to keep track of where you are at work, so the most important jobs come first. And I am the worst at putting off jobs I don’t want to do. Trello fixes all that, and you can see what the rest of your team are up to. You can use it for top business teams, to jobs to do around the house. A must for productivity. https://trello.com

MediaHuman – YouTube to MP3 – There are some great bootleg remixes of some great songs out there at the moment – and being a bootleg, you won’t find them on Spotify. Impress your friends with a unique mix of a well-known song, and this is a way to hold on to it. YouTube is not a fan of this and keeps trying to come up with changes to prevent this, but MediaHuman – to their credit – keep coming up with updates to keep the music rolling. No ads; All Killer No Filler. https://www.mediahuman.com/youtube-to-mp3-converter/

Pro Writing Aid – The best to check what you’ve written. You can paste your whole text in the page and choose the style you are writing for (Business, creative, etc.) and it will make your words flow, including overused, clichés, consistency and readability. You can bet this blog will go through it once I’m done. https://prowritingaid.com

Grammarly – Coming from the worst speller in the world, this will fix mistakes in your emails before the send button gets pressed. It picks up mistakes and grammar in real-time, saving them reaching clients. https://app.grammarly.com/

Irfanview – Sorry Mac users, only for windows-based. Still the smallest, fastest photo viewer out there – and free. You can batch 100 photos into them being smaller or less DPI – whatever you need – in seconds. Perfect for high-quality web photos, as it gets them smaller than Adobe product can, with better detail. My one regret moving to Apple, and I still check the site in the hopes they will do a Mac version. https://www.irfanview.com/

Centr – This Chris Hemsworth’s new app, that has gone straight to No.1. It’s detailed, and you can tailor exactly what you’re looking for. Beginner and only keen on light exercise? Try Yoga or Pilates with an instructor guiding you, plus have your meals planned for you. Want to build muscle? No problems, there is a whole weights program by different instructors, with a step by step for you. I use it for Pilates and making sure I’m doing my weights training correctly to avoid injury. Not cheap for a yearly membership – $119–but super cheap if you go to these classes. Worth it for the step-by-step recipes with top chefs. No doubt I’ll be looking like Thor any day now.

Semantic Scholar/ Kopernio – You need to prove a point at work which you think will improve the business? Try these; every article with correct references you can pull out and say, “there is a great study that shows it works”. You’ll look smart AND get your way. Semantic Scholar is a website, whereas Kopernio put the search button on your google chrome toolbar to speed up the search. www.semanticscholar.org https://kopernio.com

Insight Timer – The best meditation app for those of us who need a time out (thank you Vinotopia). Most meditation apps, the voice annoys the piss out of me, so it’s good to have a wide choice to find that soothing voice that will calm those jangled nerves.


You use any awesome Apps you can’t live without? email me at [email protected] and we’ll do a part 2 version…