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In 1906, my great grandfather Henry Albert and his wife Alice Jane Reschke bought a property to raise cattle. They named it ‘Koonara’, after the new name for the area. At the time the region was know as the ‘Penola Fruit Blocks’, or ‘Penola Fruit Colony’, but many were keen to make the new name ‘Coonawarra’ stick.

Since 1988, our vineyards and wine have been our passion, and today myself, Nicole and the girls live in the family homestead surrounded by our vineyards. It’s for this reason (and many others) we are creating a sustainable eco-system in our vineyards.

You can read more about our history here

✓ We’re certified to Australian Organic Standards in our Coonawarra vineyards.

No pesticides have been used in our Coonawarra vineyards for over 10 years.

✓ Only 4 organic sprays a year.
We only average four sprays per year for disease, with only organically certified product so as not to harm our delicate ecosystem.

✓ We let nature take care of bad bugs.
We grow selected weeds to attract ‘good bugs’, that eat our ‘bad bugs’, so we have no need for pesticides.

✓ Weeds are our friend.
We let selected weeds grow long and their roots deep, which aerate the soil and fills it with organic material. This holds water and natural nutrients, which help to produce healthy vines.

✓ No oak substitutes (no chips, planks, dominos, etc) are used to make our wines. This means we don’t cut corners – our wines won’t be the cheapest, but aged in 100% oak barrels means you can expect the highest quality.

✓ No residual sugar in any of our reds and whites. They still taste sweet, showing perfect balance in the vineyard. The exception to this is in our moscato, and just a touch in our sparkling red.

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