Angels Peak Shiraz – Wine of the Month

2019 Angel’s Peak Shiraz

Region: 100% Coonawarra

Tell Me More:

Shiraz was one of the original varieties brought into Australia and is firmly established as an iconic grape variety. It is grown in all regions and this in combination with creative winemaking results in a complex array of styles and qualities.

Like all wines the terroir in which it is grown is what defines each style of shiraz. Warm climates usually produce full-bodied, richly flavoured and textured wines. While cooler climates generally make it more elegant, with fresher dark fruit, mint and spicy styles.

About the Name:

When wine is aged in fine oak barrels, a portion of it evaporates – winemakers call this the ‘Angels Share.’ It was on this sentiment the Koonara angel was born. The name ‘Angels Peak’ is a piss-take reference to the lack of ‘peaks’ in the very flat Coonawarra. The Peak reference is also due to the fact we remove it from the barrel at the peak of the barrels use, which is around 18-24 months depending on the year. We have found barrels used over 24 months can start bringing out tannins from the oak, giving the wine grippier tannins.

Style & Character:

Shiraz wines are typically medium to full-bodied and with a varying flavour profile
depending on region, climate and techniques. Our Angels Peak Shiraz is a powerful, vibrant, fruit-driven style of Shiraz with lovely chocolaty, vanilla and mulberry aromas and an attractive seamlessly balanced palate with a strong natural acid drive, which will help it age gracefully for 15 years. 

Our 2019 Vintage of Shiraz also has no residual sugar and below organic levels (100ppm) of sulphur. It spent 18 months in 100% French Oak barrels (20% new) and is from our certified organic vineyard in the Coonawarra.

Typical Shiraz Flavours:

Spice, Pepper, blackberries and mulberries.

Our Angels peak Shiraz, ready for drinking
Our Angels Peak Shiraz, ready for drinking

So how do I serve Shiraz?

In a glass of course but its best decanted and served around 16-18 degrees

What pairs well with this?

Charcuterie, grilled and roasted meats (lamb, beef and game), stews and casseroles as well as firm aged cheeses. Try adding some to your next casserole and watch as the favour of the wine intensifies the flavour of the dish. Our Angels Peak Shiraz is also a great match for those who love dark chocolate

How long will it last?

When sealed and stored in a cool, dark place or a fridge, Shiraz, can last for around four to five days.

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