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Dru Reschke

Dru Reschke is the Vigneron and co-owner of Koonara Wines with wife Nicole.

His eco-obsession has spilled into their vineyards – no pesticides or herbicides have been used in their Coonawarra vineyards for over 10 years.

  • Jun012020

    Demetrio and the Snake

    We lost one of the good ones this week (29th May, 2020). Demetrio Zema was part of the Coonawarra fabric, a great man, a great father, and a man who you always knew what he was thinking, because he’ll tell you. Demetrio loved duck shooting. He was an exceptional friend…

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  • May022020

    20 Ways to Detox your Body & Mind

    Things can be tough in lockdown so I have created a list of things that can help. Often a toxic build-up can push the body over the edge to sickness in times of stress, so here is a list of things that can reduce the toxic load. Body detox Creating…

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  • Apr032020

    Laughter Can Decrease Stress: Cooped-up Comedy Survival Guide

    In trying times, laughter can literally be the best medicine, so we have compiled the best laughs out there. Why? A 2016 study showed laughter can decrease stress hormones in the body, decreasing depression. Laughter decreases serum levels of cortisol, and increases levels of dopamine and serotonin (Yim, 2016). Another…

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  • Dec172019

    How do we stop global warming? By helping farmers

    Farmers adding organic material into their soil will take the equivalent of 200 million cars off the road. And that’s just the beginning… We should be able to agree that global warming is the single biggest threat to the world at the moment. Emissions is something the government is keen…

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  • Dec172019

    2019 State & Territory Landcare Awards Submission

    We were proud to be nominated for Landcare Australia’s Innovation in Land Management Award earlier this year for our work in reducing chemicals by enticing hunter bugs to the vineyard through flowers. The nomination process included a series of questions to answer which I have included below. Provide information about…

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