Laughter Can Decrease Stress: Cooped-up Comedy Survival Guide

In trying times, laughter can literally be the best medicine, so we have compiled the best laughs out there. Why? A 2016 study showed laughter can decrease stress hormones in the body, decreasing depression. Laughter decreases serum levels of cortisol, and increases levels of dopamine and serotonin (Yim, 2016). Another study found an increase of Natural killer cells – which is an indicator of a high functioning immune system. The more active they are, the better your immune system (Wooten 1996):

So to help, here are some clips I found bloody funny, but try to watch them with someone else, as you’re 30 times more likely to laugh than if you’re alone (Scott, 2015):

Humour (kid friendly):

The hilarious Lee Mack – best bits from “Would I lie to you?”

Best bits of Would I Lie To You:

Jimmy Carr on Would I Lie To You (kid friendly):

Going stir crazy with the kids in the house? Michael McIntyre

Graeme Norton: Best of comedians:

Humour (not-kid friendly):
Jimmy Car has been putting all his stuff on YouTube lately:

Brilliant British Comedian Sarah Millican:

Great British humour: Big Fat Quiz of Everything:

Lee Mack:


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