Join us this September as we celebrate our featured wine of the month, ‘Flowers for Lucy Moscato,’ and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Image of Dru and Lucy in the vineyard he is holding her on his hip. 1 – How did it get its name? 

“Back when they were just little girls, Lucy and Alice would stroll into the Cellar Door to say hi, and almost always, they are holding flowers picked along the way. Alice’s flowers go to Nicole, while Lucy’s – with her arm stretched out proudly, come to me. “These are for you, Dad,” she says. One day (when she is old enough to enjoy it in moderation), the burst of floral flavours in this Moscato will be my flowers to her.”

Image of a bottle of Flowers for Lucy Moscato with a bunch of bright pink coloured flowers in the background2 – What does it taste like?

This Moscato is bursting with delicate rose and elderberry flowers on the nose, with the light fizz highlighting Turkish delight, musk, and cumquat flower notes. Stone fruits such as peach, apricot, hints of Turkish delight, musk and strawberries. Floral notes like rose petals and cherry blossoms. It tastes like a sweet summer’s day.

Image is of a glass of Moscator being held by a lady who is blurry in the background3- But what if I don’t like sweet wine…

Well, the good news is, while it is sweet, it’s not over-the-top sweet. This one is perfect in cocktails as a bit of a fizz mixer. We love it in an Aperol Spritz and even hardened up with a bit of Gin or Vodka 

4 – What foods go with Moscato? 

Image is of our Moscato being poured into an Aperol Spritz cocktailMoscato goes down a treat with foods possessing opposite flavour profiles like spicy, sour, salty, and bitter. It can also be treated as a dessert wine and paired with sweet flavours like Summer berry trifle and homemade ice cream.


Image of Dru in the Cellar door swirling a glass of Moscato that is standing along side a bottle of Moscato

5 – Very informative, good for watercooler conversations fact: 

Flowers for Lucy Moscato is one of our best-selling wines. So much so that in the last 5 years, we have sold over 216,000 litres of the stuff!!!