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We are thrilled to be supporting Mount Gambier charity, Four Reasons Why (FRW) at our Winter Warmer Fiesta in Mount Gambier on the 6th July.

Here is a little more about Four Reasons Why.

Four Reasons Why is a local charity, founded by single mother of four Trudi Shelton.

This initiative strives hard to provide support, opportunities and assistance to locals in need. This is achieved through generous donations received from members of the community.

They source a wide variety of goods, such as hand me down winter clothing and footwear, food items, drink bottles and hygiene items for the identified needs of local children, families and persons, experiencing hardship. All donations stay local, for locals.

Their mission is to encourage and strengthen local community bonds, through recognising the needs of “neighbours” and utilising the unique abilities as a community to provide help.

It attributes its success as a direct result of the amazing community spirit in The Limestone Coast. The generosity and compassion continually shown by so many is a key driving force behind FRW.

FRW is officially registered, as an Incorporated Association, holding the status of a Public Benevolent Institution. This means they are an recognised charity by the Australian Government and as such, they diligently uphold the standards and work practices required by law.

Four Reasons Why is a Public Benevolent Institution, this means they are officially a charity, and any donations over $2 are tax deductible.

FRW have big visions, high hopes and exciting plans for 2018. If you would like to help contact Trudi at Four Reasons Why on 0432 332 762, email her at, or contact them via their Facebook Group.

If you would like to donate – please click here


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