Global Drink Wine Day February 18th

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Global Drink Wine Day

Ok, so let’s be honest, there are many days when I’m pretty sure this is just every day. But low and behold this is an actual national day (primarily in the US- where it moonlights as National Drink Wine Day) where drinking wine is celebrated and encouraged.

Global Drink Wine Day in Australia

You’d think that given Australia has 60+ wine regions we would have embraced this day a little more. So we, with the help of Casey from the Travelling Corkscrew Blog, want to shout it from the rooftops and make sure you are on top of this momentous day and can celebrate accordingly. Casey suggested that it should be called Global Wine Day instead and that’s a suggestion we fully support. 

I did a little digging around on the interwebs and the actual origins of this particular day seems to been unknow. However, the common link between all of the information that’s out there was, that wine needs to be celebrated.

It’s amazing to think that wine has been around since its invention way back in 7000BC, although the creator is still unknown. The process of crushing grapes, letting them ferment before either bottling or letting it age in oak barrels is still pretty much the same today as it was back then – although maybe these days our success rates are a lot more guaranteed.

With so many variants on soil, temperature and the weather affecting the way the grapes grow, its no wonder there are infinite varieties of wine available to us, with no two vintages ever tasting exactly the same.

I’m passionate about building a good ecosystem in our vineyard so we can produce amazing wines

Global Drink Wine Day & Koonara Wines

As many of you would know here at Koonara we are passionate about ensuring we build our ecosystem to ensure we maintain our legacy and preservation of the land and in turn our Organic Certification. We do this by growing selected weeds which attract our “good bugs” that in turn eat the “bad bugs’ we don’t want which removes our need for using pesticides. We are also avid fans of weeds- lazy gardeners perhaps but when we let selected weeds grow long and their roots deep, we have found it aerates the soil and fills it with organic material. This helps hold water and the natural nutrients which then gives us healthy vines. Our so-called ‘lazy’ or ‘gentle’ approach to our vineyards means we can spend more time perfecting our wines at the other end ready for you to enjoy them.

Given wine boasts powerful antioxidants it would be remiss to suggest that wine is somewhat healthy.  Some scientists have even suggested that a glass of red wine a day does have health benefits.  With all of our wines having below organic levels of sulphur in them and low to no levels of residual sugar (depending on the variety) you can be confident that our wines are not only delicious but even a little bit healthier than others.

With an epic mix of both red and white wines, we are confident you will find something delicious from our vast range of wines to enjoy.  Perhaps it’s your next everyday quaffer or something a little bit special to enjoy on Global Drink Wine Day. Be sure to check out our huge range and find your new favourite today.

So, here’s Cheers to Global Wine day, hopefully, you can find some time to relax with friends or family over a nice glass (or even a bottle – but please drink responsibly)

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