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White Wines

We’re passionate about creating high quality white wines grown in the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

Our whites are predominately grown in cool-climate Mount Gambier – ‘the coolest region in mainland Australia’ – making them crisp, fresh and dry! Try our trophy winning Emily May Rosé or our cool climate Chardonnay. All our white wines are vegan friendly and low in sulphur, and with the exception of our Flowers for Lucy Moscato are all dry style wines.

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Crisp, Cool White Wines

Only 60km down the road from Coonawarra and based at the foot of a dormant volcano is Mount Gambier – ‘the coolest region in mainland Australia’. We source our Mount Gambier grapes from a select number of growers who share similar values to us.

Mount Gambier is gaining a serious reputation for cool climate wines - and has near identical growing conditions to Burgundy in France, and is cooler than Marlborough in New Zealand. The long growing periods allows the grapes to develop an abundance of flavours without losing the crisp freshness of true cool-climate grapes.

True cool climate regions have plenty of natural acid in their grapes. This locks in the unique flavour of each different grape variety, as well as acts as a preservative.

All our white wines are vegan friendly and gluten free.

Low Preservative and Sulphur Wine

Low Sugar White Wine

There is no residual sugar in our white wines (with the exception of our Moscato). They still taste sweet, showing perfect balance in our vineyards. Our Flowers for Lucy Moscato does have a touch of sugar, for that extra sweetness. It’s also one of our most popular wines, with its delicate balance between sweetness and refreshing lime

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