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Rouge Vintner Sparkling wine glass (set of 4)

Rouge Vintner Sparkling wine glass (set of 4)

$39.95 inc GST

$39.95 (set of 4 glasses) + $10 shipping for orders under $200

This exclusive glassware range, was designed by Koonara Wines’ owner Dru Reschke.

If you love your bubbles, this glass will make the experience that much better. A standard pour is at the widest part of the glass, and unlike other glasses you can fill it in just one pour without the bubbles overflowing.

It has been coated with Potassium Salt, which typically gives the glass 6 to 8 times the strength of a normal glass. The rim has been cold cut and polished. This allows our refined, fine cut glasses to be very strong and durable.

Dru’s checklist:

“Why has it been so hard to find the perfect champagne glass? I just wanted one that I can fill in one pour without the bubbles overflowing. One that is wide enough to give off better aromas. One that has a shorter bottom to reach for polishing. And one that is strong, yet still has a fine edge.

When I couldn’t find that glass, I designed it myself.”

Sparkling glass features:

  • Designed to prevent bubbles overflowing when pouring
  • Patented 15oz/150ml curve
  • 5 x stronger than normal glass
  • Designed for maximum sparkling aroma
  • Easy to reach bottom for polishing
  • A fine, cold-cut rim


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w5cm x h22cm


High quality glass with Potassium Salt coating for extra strength