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The weather is heating up and so is the fashion! As we busily prepare for our Platinum Marquee at the Mount Gambier Gold Cup on Friday, December 6, we are joined by local stylist Kellie Nobes from What.Kel.Wore to give us some red hot fashion tips for the upcoming summer race meets. These tips will keep you looking stylish all day long!

Hi Kellie! What do you predict for 2019 summer racing fashion?

WKW: I’m expecting lots of bright colours! With the warmer weather and brighter days, the colour palette of summer races definitely sees bright pinks, yellows and lilacs popping up. I’m predicting lots of flowy dress styles that can be transitioned from day to night. Asymmetric hems seem to be a popular feature on a lot of summer fashion styles currently also.

What staple piece would you recommend a splurge on from the racegoer?

WKW: I personally believe for the ladies the headwear or millinery should definitely be in the forefront of minds when creating your overall look. You want to ensure it compliments your outfit yet creates a statement! For some people, the millinery isn’t a practical splurge, given it can be hard to get multiple uses out of it, so therefore I recommend a great quality pair of heels/shoes – something that is comfortable and easy to wear, especially as the heat tends to make everything swell! For the men, a well-fitting dress shirt is a must.

Is there any etiquette when it comes to summer racing fashion?                       

WKW: I still feel that it’s important to cover up, even in the warmer weather. Avoid low-cut plunging styles and extreme mini-length skirts and dresses. A cut just above the knee can often look great, however midi-styles tend to be proper race-wear etiquette. And whether you’re new to the races or not, some form of headwear or accessory in the hair is an essential!

In terms of accessories, what do you suggest for racegoers?

WKW: For those not wanting a big statement look, combs and clips are a really popular trend currently for spring and summer races! These are lightweight and comfortable to wear and tend to be very well-priced! Although there are a lot of pretty clutches and bags on the market, I recommend thinking practically when making your purchase – think about all the essentials you need to fit in it – money, phone, makeup, keys, etc! and as above – a pair of good, comfortable shoes for when you’ll be on your feet all day long! For the men, a nice hat can also be a great accessory and a stylish finishing touch to the outfit.

What are your top style tips for women and men who might not have attended a summer racing event before?
WKW: Accessorising is a great way to incorporate little style trends you might be wanting to experiment with – for example, if a bright pop of colour isn’t usually your go-to style, try a bright pair of heels or earrings instead of a full dress/outfit. Also experiment and try-on headwear and millinery before purchasing if you can – you might love the look of a style but often, like clothes, when you try it on it can have a different feel and look to what you imagined. Lastly, remember to select an outfit that reflects your own personality and individual style! Dressing up for the races should be fun, not daunting!

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