All about Lucy & Alice – The wine

All about Lucy & Alice – The wine

Join us this November as we celebrate our featured wine of the month, ‘Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Lucy and Alice walking in the vineyard holding hand smiling at each other

How did it get its name? 

We named our Pinot Gris after our two beautiful girls, Lucy and Alice. It’s as simple as that, but here’s the back story… ⁠

Nicole was in the last stages of her pregnancy with Alice and knew we would soon be bottling a Pinot Gris. I fussed about with names etc., and sent her on her way, knowing she had more pressing matters to worry about (like birthing our daughter and looking after Lucy). After Alice was born (about four weeks later), when we were bottling it, I decided it was the perfect tribute to name this new wine after both Lucy & Alice. The best bit – I didn’t tell Nicole. It wasn’t until she popped into the cellar door with baby Alice and saw it that I could reveal my secret tribute. There may have been a few watery eyes that day.


What does it taste like?

This one is an absolute delight. The perfect all-rounder that goes down a treat. Passes ‘would I have a second glass’ test with flying colours. Hell, I’d drink the whole bottle.

Like most Pinot Gris, ours is fruit-forward, with intense fresh pear on the nose and peach and gala apples on the palate. It’s got big tropical fruit flavours but with refreshing acidity. Also, it’s low in sugar and sulphur, as well as being vegan friendly too. 



Image of Dru with a glass of Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris beside a bottle of it.

What foods go with Pinot Gris? 

Crispy pork roll with honeyed Granny Smith apple stuffing. It also pairs well with salmon and a range of Thai foods. But let’s be honest, Pinot Gris is a food lover and goes well with many things.





Image of a bottle of Pinot Gris beside a partly drunk glass on table in a leafy garden.

Very informative, good to throw into conversations fact: 

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio refer to the same grape variety, which is grey in colour.

However, that’s where the differences end.⁠ Pinot Grigio is the Italian style is picked earlier for a crisper, more acidic finish⁠. On the other hand, Pinot Gris is the French style, in which the grapes are picked later for a slightly sweeter and more floral wine. Hence the tribute to our two sweet girls, Lucy & Alice.







Cooking With Koonara

Cooking With Koonara

It’s no secret we like to cook, so when we were approached by Gavin from Another Food blogger fame to collaborate on a recipe we jumped at the chance. 

Gavin created for us something that is so well paired with our two premium Family Reserve Red Wines, that we couldn’t help but be excited. So get yourself to the grocery store because you are going to want to make these Red Wine and Chocolate Braised Lamb Shanks. They are absolutely delicious and are a perfect match for the cold Winter days now upon us. 

You can download and print out the recipe ⬇⬇