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Why You Should Whitelist our Emails

Ever experienced the disappointment of missing out on a flash wine sale or an exclusive event invite because the email ended up in your spam folder? We get it and have the perfect solution, so you’ll never miss out on the good stuff from Koonara Wines again.

Why whitelist our emails?

Whitelisting (or marking as safe) our emails ensures that every update, offer, or wine release notification lands directly in your inbox.

Here’s why keeping us in your main inbox is a win-win:

Exclusivity: Get first dibs on wine sales and discounts that we only share via email.

Invites: Be the first to know about wine tastings, events, and festivals where Koonara Wines will be featured.

Wisdom: Receive handy tips and hacks, stories as well as tales from the vineyard to boost your wine IQ and become a total wine whizz.

How to Whitelist Our Emails

We’ve made it super simple to ensure our emails reach you. Here’s how to whitelist us on some of the most common email platforms:


  • Click and drag our email into the ‘Primary’ tab.
  • Hit “Yes” to confirm.

Apple Mail (iPhone/iPad)

  • Open our email.
  • Tap the sender’s name.
  • Choose “Create New Contact,” then tap “Done.”


  • Right-click on our email.
  • Hover over ‘Junk,’ then select “Never Block Sender.”

Yahoo! Mail

  • Right-click our email.
  • Select “Add Sender to Contacts,” then hit “Save.”

A Little Effort for Lots of Perks

Taking a moment to whitelist our emails means you’ll always be in the loop. We promise to keep our emails fun, engaging, and worthwhile- filled with content you actually want to read, and did we mention the exclusive discounts?

So, do yourself a favour and take a quick moment to follow the easy steps above and ensure you’re all set to receive every delicious update from us. 👌

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