a place for the lovers of pink

Add a splash of colour and bring a burst of joy to your life with our unique ‘Pink Drink Society’, a bespoke wine club crafted exclusively for enthusiasts of our delightfully vibrant pink drinks.

This isn’t just any wine club, but a lively community united by a shared love for our perfectly pink wines, each offering its own unique charm and personality.

Our cherished Flowers for Lucy Moscato, with its enchanting sweetness and alluring versatility, has earned a cult-like following since its launch in 2008. Loved for its ability to pair beautifully with a vast array of foods or for simply cracking open to toast the beginning of fun-filled festivities with friends, it’s a wine that effortlessly adapts to any occasion, regardless of the season.

Next up is our stunning Emily May Rose. Much like our beloved Moscato, this wine transcends expectations with its vibrant notes and capacity to liven up any social gathering. It’s a favourite amongst members for its luscious taste and how well it compliments a sunny day outdoors.

Rounding off the collection is our exquisite Lucy and Alice Pinot Gris. Adorned with lush blush rose gold pink hues, and named after our daughters this wine is a delight, seamlessly blending into the Pink Drink Society’s line-up.


When you join the Pink Drink Society, you’ll personalise your selection of pink drinks, guaranteeing that each six-pack delivered to your door twice a year meets your exact preferences. The deliveries are timed impeccably to ensure your wine rack is always stocked with your favourite pink delights

But that’s not all – membership comes with enticing year-round perks designed to enhance your wine-loving experience. Enjoy a generous 10% discount on all our pink drinks throughout the year, a reward designed exclusively for our loyal Pink Drink Society members.

So, why wait? Join the Pink Drink Society today, because life’s too short for ordinary wine

Exclusively Pink

The Pink Drink Society focuses on our popular Flowers for Lucy Moscato, Emily May Rose, and Lucy and Alice Pinot Gris.

Home Delivery

Choose your favourite pink drinks to receive a six-pack delivered to your door twice a year.

Year-Round Discount

Get a 10% discount on all pink drinks throughout the year.


Change your quantity and frequency to suit your taste.

No Hidden Fees

No sign-up fees, membership costs, or contracts. Pay only for the wine you receive, with a minimum of $107.73 twice per year.


Your first delivery will be sent upon signing up, with the following shipment arriving six months later.

Two Shipment Minimum

Stay as long as you like, with just a two shipment minimum commitment.

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Frequently asked questions

Our fan-favourite Flowers for Lucy Moscato, vibrant Emily May Rose, and our lush Lucy and Alice Pinot Gris, known for its rose gold blush.

As a member, you’ll receive a curated six-pack of our best pink drinks twice a year. with your first delivery being sent upon signing up.

Yes, upon signing up to the Pink Drink Society, you can personalise your selection of pink drinks.

Yes, the Pink Drink Society allows you to adjust the quantity and frequency of your shipments to suit your needs.

Your first delivery will be sent upon signing up, and then again six months later.

That’s ok, maybe our Angels Guild Wine Club is better suited to you

Question not answered?