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100% Family owned | 115 years in Coonawarra
All wines 100% vegan | Low sulphur wines

We want to make
a difference.

116 years in Coonawarra

Our family has been in Coonawarra since 1906, so we are almost locals …

Organic Viticulture

We are the only Certified Organic vineyard in Coonawarra.

None of the bad stuff

Low levels of sulphur in all our wines, no oak substitutes and no/low residual sugar* in our wines.

Great Dirt

Our red vines are grown on famous terra rossa soil in Coonawarra, and our whites and Pinot Noir are grown down the road in Mt Gambier – the coolest region in mainland Australia.

Boutique Coonawarra Winery and Organic Vineyard

A Family Owned Organic Vineyard and Winery in Coonawarra.

We are a small family-owned and organically certified vineyards in the heart of Coonawarra. In 1906 my great grandfather named the family property ‘Koonara’. More than 116 years on, our family still live here surrounded by our vineyards.

When we went organic 16 years ago, we innovated: we created an ecosystem of flowers and native grasses in our midrows to reduce spraying and our carbon footprint. Instead of spraying, we add minerals though our drippers instead, and the flowers attract hunter bugs that eat our pests. We want everyone to enjoy chemical free wines, so we put our whole vineyard management plan up on our website so everyone can use it. –  It’s just some of the many ways we are helping make a difference, and you buying our wines helps us do that, so thank you.

We believe in creating wines that are high quality and age-worthy. All our wines are vegan- friendly, low in sulphur and have no (or low) residual sugar.

We are very proud of our wines – we hope you enjoy them.

Dru, Nicole (Lucy & Alice) Reschke.