Koonara Wines – Premium Coonawarra Winery | Family owned & practising organic viticulture

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100% Family owned | 100 years in Coonawarra
All wines 100% vegan | Low sulphur wines

We want to make
a difference.

Boutique Coonawarra Winery and Organic Vineyard

A Family Owned Organic Vineyard and Winery in Coonawarra.

Making great wine – that has been produced sustainably – is our passion. We’re the first Certified Organic vineyard in Coonawarra and our wines are low in sulphur, have no/low residual sugar and are made vegan friendly. Our wines are consistently great each year, and are made to the highest quality. We hope you enjoy them – Dru, Nicole (with Lucy and Alice).

Over 100 Years in Coonawarra

The quality of your barrels and winemakers. We believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good, but consistent and age worthy. 

Our red wines are aged in French Oak. All of our reds are aged in 100% fine-grain French Oak Hogsheads barrels. Some cheaper wines are produced with oak substitutes such as chips, planks and dominos.

Low yields, small grapes and big flavour. Both our Coonawarra vineyards yield 2 tonnes of fruit or less – the average for Coonawarra is 3.5 – 4 tonnes. We grow small grapes, which are about the size of a pea. This allows us to get more skin per litre of juice. Because the colour and flavour in wine comes from the grapes skin, we can get big colour and flavour in our wines.

Great winemaking team. Peter Douglas the former Wynns winemaker is our winemaker, and one of the most respected winemakers and wine judges in Australia. Both Peter, Dru and Nicole take a collaborative approach to producing award winning wines each year. If you’re looking to visit Coonawarra Wineries, Koonara Wines should be on your list! 

In 2017 our Coonawarra vineyards were certified to Australian Organic standards, and no pesticides have been used on the property for over 10 years. 



Global Drink Wine Day February 18th

Ok, so let’s be honest, there are many days when I’m pretty sure this is just every day. But low and behold Global Drink Wine Day is an actual national day.


110 years in Coonawarra

Our family has been in Coonawarra since 1906, so we are almost locals …

Organic Viticulture

We are the first Certified Organic vineyard in Coonawarra.

None of the bad stuff

Low levels of sulphur in all our wines, no oak substitutes and no/low residual sugar* in our wines.

Great Dirt

Our red vines are grown on famous terra rossa soil in Coonawarra, and our whites and Pinot Noir are grown down the road in Mt Gambier – the coolest region in mainland Australia.

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