True happiness in music: 7 key minerals to boost your happiness

We were super proud to sponsor the AIR Independent Music Awards at the Queen’s Theatre in Adelaide on Friday 27 July 2018. As an independent winery – who does not sell to the majors – we know how hard it can be to go it alone. Independent artists show true determination, which sometimes comes at a price to their mental and physical health. In this blog Dru offers some suggestions to help us on our path to true happiness.

By Dru Reschke. Photographer credit: Morgan Sette

A response to Jenny Valentish’s article in The Guardian: Perfectionism and poverty: why musicians struggle with mental health

Firstly, congratulations to all of you nominated for the awards. Just to be able to share the room with you guys – a talented community who are passionate about their art – makes me very grateful to be here.

1. Serotonin: practicing gratefulness

The recognition of others is a part of who we are as humans. It helps to release serotonin – which is great for the body. Without it we get symptoms like poor memory, low mood, low self-esteem, anxiety and aggression. When it’s released we feel great; full of confidence and love. MDMA and Ecstasy make your body release more of it, but then you’re left with a shortage for the next week, causing the above-mentioned shortage symptoms.

An easy way to get serotonin is to practice gratefulness, and be really, truly, happy for those fellow award winners. Boom – serotonin released, and you have your very cheap natural high. It also takes your body out of fight-or-flight mode, making your gut bacteria work better, absorbing more nutrients. And when you’re on stage and you get that serotonin surge, at the exact same time your loved ones and fans in the audience get one too. It’s what makes us feel proud, confident and happy – and makes us want to help others achieve the same. That’s why it’s called the leadership chemical.[1]

2. Oxytocin: hug someone

While you’re at it, feel free to give the winners a hug. Hugs release Oxytocin in both parties, increasing personality traits such as warmth, trust, generosity and openness, as well as seeing emotions in facial expressions more clearly. Not only that, it inhibits addiction, and boosts your immune system. Google “Rat Park” for an interesting read on that.[2]

3. Get key minerals back in your system

Weed killer Glyphosate (AKA Round-up) is in 75% of all water (US Stat). That is ALL water, including even your spinal fluid. How it kills the plant, is by binding up all positively charged minerals so the plant can’t use it, destroying it’s immune system, like AIDS. Round-up ready GMO plants (like 95% of the worlds soy) get sprayed by the poison, which soaks into the plant when we eat them it stops our body absorbing positive ion minerals. I’ve listed the key minerals you can try and get back in your system.

4. Magnesium

The most important. It activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily, and crucial to nerve transmission, energy production, nutrient metabolism, bone and cell formation, and relaxing muscles. No more than 2g a day, or you’ll have disaster pants. Start with 1g (1000mg).[3]

4. Diatomaceous Earth: trace minerals

This stuff is about $14 a bag, and you only need a pinch so it will last you well over a year. It is full of trace minerals that are hard to get out of food these days. It’s a bit gritty, so use it in your coffee/tea/smoothie. This is one I’ve done consistently for 2 years, and I’m sure it’s stopped all my sugar and carb cravings. Silica carries an electric charge that attaches to free-radical toxins, whereby the silica particles then neutralise the free-radical charge, before removing them from the body and dramatically slowing oxidative damage – amongst other things.

5. Zinc + Copper

Zinc and Copper are essential minerals good for your immune system, tinnitus, memory, sex drive, and they lower irritability. Look for zinc-gluconate (good) as it has lower levels of Cadmium in it (bad). Zinc supplements can drop your copper levels try about 15mg of Zinc, and 1-2mg of Copper. If your still feeling stressed, you can get your urine tested for Pyrrole Disorder, which can be genetic or caused by stress. It causes your body excrete higher amounts of Zinc and B6, but it can also build up Copper in your system (hence why there needs to be a balance).[4]

6. B6 & 12: mood & energy booster

Memory, mood & energy booster,  amongst other things. Boys; it keeps the swimmers swimming.

7. Omega 3

Studies have shown it works better than Prozac on mood. Prozac only works on one half of the hippocampus in your brain, Omega 3’s work on all of it, and help increase brain cells. Hemp oil is super high in this, and cheaper than less smelly fish oil. Failing that, krill oil – it has a more consistent level of omega 3. Keep your hemp oil in the fridge to stop it oxidising.[5][6]

Your music makes us incredibly happy, and I want you guys to be healthy & happy. Kurt can’t spend his money, and Pharrell’s not going broke.

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