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Who is koonara wines?

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Sip Back and Relax: The Adventures of Koonara Wines

Tucked away in Coonawarra’s lush landscapes, Koonara Wines isn’t just a winery; it’s a century-old party in a bottle! With roots digging deep into South Australia’s most fabulous wine region, our story is drenched in history, passion, and a stubborn commitment to top-shelf excellence.

But this isn’t your ordinary wine tale. Oh no, it’s a rollercoaster ride of innovation, dedication, and a roaring love affair with the land, producing liquid gold that dances on the palate.

So, buckle up, wine lovers, as we uncork the essence of Koonara – a blend of history, character, and eco-chic sustainability that sets our glasses apart.

Koonara Wines Dru Nicole and kids family photo in vineyard

Our Roots Are Showing (And They’re Fabulous!)

The Koonara saga began in 1906, with Henry Albert and Alice Jane Reschke planting their dreams in Coonawarra.

What started with cattle (yes, moo-cows) eventually blossomed into a vineyard passion project that’s all about crafting wines with soul, character, and a cheeky nod to their origins. And let’s just say the transition from beef to bottles has been nothing short of spectacular.

Trevor Reschke, a man of the land with an adventurous spirit, ventured into winemaking with a simple desire: to craft wines that spoke of the place they came from and the passion behind their creation. Good things for us he succeded.

From the first 30 cases that were produced just for family and friends to the acclaim of wine enthusiasts around the globe (Andrew Lloyd Webbe, in case you were wondering), Koonara Wines has grown in both size and stature but never lost sight of its roots or its commitment to quality.

Dru and Trevor Reschke in vineyard with wine glasses

A Blend of Tradition and Cheeky Innovation

At Koonara, tradition and innovation walk hand in hand. The vineyards, carefully chosen from among the 3,000 acres of the Reschke family property, are a testament to the vision that drives us.

With a focus on low yields to ensure the highest quality, our approach to viticulture emphasizes sustainability and respect for the environment.

Boasting as the only certified organic winery in Coonawarra, we take pride in our practices that not only produce wines of distinction but also the steps we are taking to ensure the land for future generations.

And what about the wine, I hear you asking.. Well, it’s like a high-five in liquid form: vegan-friendly, low in sulphur, and just the right amount of sweet (or not). Each sip is a celebration of Coonawarra’s famed terra rossa soil and the vibes of the Limestone Coast.

Sunrise over the Organic vineyards in Coonawarra

The Koonara Experience: Beyond the Bottle

Visiting us at Koonara is not just about tasting wine; it’s about experiencing the community, history, and passion that inspires every drop.

Our cellar door in Penola is surrounded by history, and we welcome you to stay and explore the region and its beginnings.  

When you step inside our bright modern cellar door, it’s not only the wines that greet you, but it’s also a stunning shopfront carrying an array of homewares, fashion and lifestyle goods, and, of course, the wine. 

We invite wine lovers to explore our extensive range of wines, including our five premium lines. Our professional staff will guide you through the range, ensuring your tasting experience is second to none. 

Why Koonara Wines? A Choice of Heart and Quality

Choosing Koonara means more than enjoying a fine wine; it’s about being part of a story that celebrates over 100 years of commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community.

Whether it’s the passionate spirit of Trevor Reschke, the more recent innovative approach to organic viticulture, or the warm welcome at our cellar door, Koonara offers an experience that will warm your heart and make your tastebuds sing.

As we look to the future, our mission remains unchanged: to create wines that not only stand the test of time but also embody the spirit of Coonawarra and the Reschke family’s legacy.

We invite you to raise a glass to the past, present, and future of Koonara Wines, where every sip is a journey through history and abundant in flavour.

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