The dasies and Dandelion in our vineyard which inspired the Label for our Chardonnay

Discovering the Delights of Daisies & Dandelions Chardonnay

Ah, Chardonnay! A wine that’s both elegant and versatile and always finds a way to surprise us. When it comes to the world of Chardonnay, Our “Daisies & Dandelions” is a name that’s causing quite the buzz. And with good reason. Let’s uncork (or unscrew more so these days) the story behind this delightful wine, and perhaps, by the end of this read, you’ll be reaching for a glass (or two) yourself!

Peter Douglas who hand selects the grapes for our Daisies & Dandelions Chardonnay

The Backstory – Daisies & Dandelions Chardonnay

Before we delve into the tantalising taste, let’s talk names. “Daisies & Dandelions” isn’t just whimsical branding. It’s a heartfelt hat-tip to our eco-friendly vineyard practices. While some might dismiss daisies and dandelions as mere ‘weeds’, at Koonara, we know better. These tiny warriors play a vital role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem, making our vineyard buzz with life and vitality.

And let’s not forget where this stellar Chardonnay hails from. Kongorong is a region that’s one of Australia’s coolest grape-growing areas. This premium, limited-release wine owes its existence not just to our winemaker Peter Douglas’ meticulous selection but also to the benevolence of Kongorong’s unique climate.

Kongorong is an ideal growing area with its coastal breezes, mineral-rich soil, and specific sunlight hours that work in harmony, allowing the grapes to mature slowly and enhancing their flavour, aroma, and overall complexity.

Curating a Premium Chardonnay

One might say it’s only when the stars align we can offer something genuinely special: a premium Chardonnay. Yet, the magic isn’t just in the climate or the soil; it’s also in the hands of our esteemed winemaker, Peter Douglas. With an unwavering dedication to perfection, Peter meticulously selects specific parcels of fruit, each chosen for its unique character and depth.

Before the grapes are even harvested, we ensure that the vines are nurtured, maintained, and conditioned in such a way that the fruit they bear is of the highest quality. This involves meticulous attention to detail – from pruning techniques to optimizing irrigation and ensuring the soil is rich in nutrients. We ensure that only organic prays are used in this vineyard to help preserve the delicate ecosystem.

Bottle of Daisies & Dandelions Chardonnay with a vase of Daisies alongside it.

Tantalising Your Taste Buds: The Flavour Profile

Chardonnay, often deemed the queen of white wines, has various personalities. From buttery and oaked versions to crisper, mineral-driven ones, its versatility is astounding. Our Daisies & Dandelions Chardonnay leans towards a balanced character – it’s neither too oaked nor too fruity, offering a harmonious blend that resonates with both new wine drinkers and seasoned aficionados.

With Daisies & Dandelions, you’re in for an adventure. Imagine this: a glass where half of its content has undergone a second ferment, switching malo acids to lactic ones, all to give you that dreamy creamy texture. The other half? It’s all about retaining the zesty punch of pink lady apples and those mysterious mineral undertones. Mix them together, and you’ve got a wine that’s teasingly complex, aromatic, and packed with nuance.

Every sip promises a swirl of citrusy grapefruit, a whisper of toasted nuts, and the warm embrace of vanilla oak. But that’s not all. The savoury palate, a modern touch, ensures that this Chardonnay lingers on your taste buds, making you reminisce long after the glass is empty.

A variety of Seafood that pairs a right treat with our Daisies & Dandelions chardonnay

Perfect Pairings: What’s on the Menu?

The true prowess of a Chardonnay reveals itself when it comes to food. Daisies & Dandelions is no wallflower. This wine pairs like it was born to dine! From the saline burst of seafood like crab and mussels to the rich flavours of creamy chicken dishes and pork, it complements them all. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, go global. Dishes rich in coconut, chilli, ginger, and lime? This Chardonnay says, “Bring it on!”

The Test of Time: Cellaring Potential

Though it’s tough to resist the allure of Daisies and Dandelions, trust me, I’ve tried…if you’re among the patient few, this Chardonnay will gracefully age until 2030. But, if you’ve already opened the bottle, ensure you consume (responsibly) within 3-5 days to capture its true beauty

The Feel-Good Factor

As you indulge, here’s some more good news. Not only does this wine flirt with your senses, but it’s also vegan-friendly with minimal residual sugar and sulphur levels that would make even organic wines blush. Every bottle of Daisies & Dandelions is a testament to our commitment to you and the planet.

Sharing the Love

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