Lucy and Alice standing together in the organic vineyard when they were younger

Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris: Your Ultimate Sip-and-Tell Guide

Hey wine lovers! Ready to up your wine game? Say hello to Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris—our sip-worthy star of sunshine and warm weather, that’s a true blend of love, legacy, and lip-smacking goodness! So grab your wine glass and settle in as we unravel the story, flavours, and perfect pairings for this delectable Pinot Gris.

The Story Behind The Name – Lucy & Alice

We named our Pinot Gris after our two beautiful girls, Lucy & Alice. It’s as simple as that.

But since we all love a good backstory, don’t we? Our Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris holds a particularly heartwarming tale. Named after our lovely daughters, Lucy and Alice, this wine encapsulates the joy and excitement of family life.

When our second daughter, Alice, was born, we were in the process of bottling this new Pinot Gris. The decision to name the wine after Lucy and Alice was a delightful surprise for Nicole. Her reaction was the stuff of family legends—let’s just say there weren’t many dry eyes at the cellar door that day.

The Sensory Experience: Taste & Aroma

Ah, the flavour fiesta! What sets our Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris head and shoulders above the rest, you ask? Well, brace yourself. This isn’t just wine; it’s an experience. You’ll start off with a welcoming burst of fresh pear aroma that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t pour yourself a glass sooner. Then comes the ensemble of peach and gala apple flavours, doing a lively jig on your palate. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, in comes a hint of tropical fruit rounded off by that crisp, zesty finish we all adore. (Tried it and loved it? Share your tasting notes with us @koonara_wines!)

Guilt-Free Pleasure: The Health Deets

Good news for the health-conscious! Our Pinot Gris is low in both sugar and sulphur and is 100% vegan-friendly.  So go ahead, treat yourself to that second (or third, or fourth) glass.

The Ideal Food Pairings for Lucy & Alice

Ah, the joys of naming a wine after your kids and then talking about its perfect food pairings! No, we’re not discussing what Lucy and Alice prefer to snack on – unless they’ve developed a rather mature palate for crispy pork rolls and salmon fillets!

This is all about our Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris and the delightful foods that will have your tastebuds dancing. This wine is a palate pleaser, pairing perfectly with Crispy pork rolls, honey-infused Granny Smith apples, or a succulent salmon fillet—it loves them all. For Thai food fans – this wine is a 10/10 match made in heaven.

Young Lucy & Alice with bottles of their Solo named wines

Meet the Extended Wine Family: More Lucy & Alice

So while our Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris is the Sister’s collaborative wine, Our girls have been muses to our vineyard adventures for a while now. You might’ve already sipped on our divine ‘Flowers for Lucy Moscato,‘ a fizzy floral fantasy that’s as vibrant as Lucy herself. Or perhaps you’ve tried the ‘Song for Alice Riesling,’ an aromatic symphony that captures Alice’s spirit beautifully. These wines aren’t just bottles; they’re chapters in our family story, each with its own flavour, aroma, and tale to tell. When you enjoy one, you’re becoming a part of our extended wine family!

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio: Know the Difference

Woman drinking Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris

Have you ever found yourself puzzled over the terms Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? Well, they do refer to the same grape variety, characterized by its grey hue.

However, that’s where the similarities stop. The Italian style, Pinot Grigio, is harvested earlier, lending a crisper, more acidic finish. Conversely, Pinot Gris, the French counterpart, is picked later, offering a sweeter and more floral profile.

Given Lucy & Alice are as sweet as they come, it’s no wonder our tribute to them is a Pinot Gris.

The Last Drop

Lucy & Alice more recently

So there you have it—a Pinot Gris that’s a joyride from the first sniff to the final sip. Whether you are a wine aficionado or just someone who enjoys a good glass after work, Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris is your go-to wingman (or should we say wing-wine?).

Tag us @koonara_wines when you pop open a bottle of Lucy & Alice! We’re all about sharing the good times and the great wines.

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