Pink Background with five bottles of Flowers for Lucy Moscato Wine

Flowers for Lucy Moscato: A Love Story Poured into a Glass.

Ever wonder what happens when you mix a dash of family charm with a sprinkle of vineyard magic? You get “Flowers for Lucy” Moscato – our cheeky little tribute to our Lucy.

Dru holding a little Lucy in his arms in the Vineyard

Why “Flowers for Lucy”? Well, It’s all about Family:

Picture this: Two little munchkins meandering through the vines, hands full of wildflowers, hearts brimming with giggles. Lucy, the eldest of our dynamic duo, decides dad needs a bit more colour in his life (and office). Lucy would come to me – with her arm stretched out proudly, “These are for you, Dad”.  Thus, laying the foundations for Dad to make a wine as sweet and vibrant as her floral gifts, promising a future toast shared between them. Talk about setting the bar high for Father’s Day, right?

Taste? Think Summer in a Bottle:

Diving into “Flowers for Lucy” is like biting into the juiciest peach on a hot day, with a side of rose petal ice cream and a dash of fairy floss. It’s sweet, sure, but with a sophistication that whispers, “I’m more than just a pretty face.” Perfect for those “I only drink dry wines” sceptics – we see you, and we’ve got you.

Flowers for Lucy Moscato wine along side a bright pink bunch of flowers

Mix It, Sip It, Love It:

Too sweet? Not in our vocabulary. But if you’re looking to jazz things up, this Moscato is like the life of the party in cocktails. Aperol Spritz? Add a splash. Gin, vodka, tequila? “Flowers for Lucy” says, “Bring it on!” It’s the mixologist’s dream – versatile, charming, and ready to mingle.

Food’s Best Friend:

Spicy tacos, tangy cheeses, or that secret family dessert recipe – “Flowers for Lucy” doesn’t play favourites. It brings out the best in whatever’s on your plate, making every bite (and sip) something memorable.

The Talk of the Town:

Let’s just say that if “Flowers for Lucy” were on social media (it’s not, but we are😉), it’d be trending. With more fans than a boy band and enough charm to win over any wine drinker, it’s not just a bottle; it’s a bonafide Koonara legend. And yes, we’ve been keeping count. You guys have consumed a whopping 216,000 litres in the last 5 years!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a glass (or a bottle, absolutely no judgment here), and let “Flowers for Lucy” Moscato turn any day into a celebration. Because here at Koonara, we believe wine is about fun, flavour, and finding those perfect moments.

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