Dru & Nicole Reschke holding a Koonara Wines glass in an organic vineyard.

It’s Global Drink Wine Day

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FEbruary 18th is Global Drink Wine Day.

Every now and then, a day comes around that seems tailor-made for us wine aficionados. Global Drink Wine Day? Well, it feels like every day at Koonara Wines, but we’re not complaining!

Officially, this gem of a day is celebrated on February 18th although primarily in the US, We think its high time and we make it a worldwide phenomenon?

With over 60 wine regions, it’s a wonder Australia hasn’t already claimed this day as its own. So get Excited folks as we’re ready to shout about Global Wine Day from the vineyards to your glass.

The Origins of Wine (A Brief History)

Ever pondered where wine came from? Join the club. While its origins are a bit murky, one thing’s for sure: wine’s been a hit since 7000BC. That’s right, our ancestors were crushing grapes long before Netflix and chill became a thing.

And while we may not know who to thank for this divine invention, the process from grape to glass hasn’t changed all that much. The magic of fermentation brings us endless varieties, each affected by the unique characteristics of the soil, climate, and weather—ensuring no two sips are ever the same.

Koonara Wines: Eco-Friendly Vino

Here at Koonara Wines, we’re not just about making top-notch wine; we’re about doing it in a way that cares for our planet. Our approach? A bit lazy, a bit genius. By fostering an ecosystem where “good bugs” take care of the “bad bugs,” we say no to pesticides and yes to biodiversity.

Our love affair with selected weeds isn’t just a quirky trait—it’s our way of aerating the soil naturally, ensuring our vines are as healthy as the wines they produce. Our approach not only enhances the biodiversity of our vineyard but also enriches the flavour profile of our wines.

Our Coonawarra vineyards have been certified organic now since 2017, and yes, we’ll tell you every moment we get since we are still the only certified vineyards in the Coonawarra.

Toasting to Health (kind of)

We’ve all heard the rumours: a glass of red might just be the secret to eternal youth (or something like that). Here at Koonara, we raise our glasses (responsibly) to that notion.

Our wines come with lower levels of sulphur and sugar, making them a tad healthier (or so we like to think). So, whether you’re sipping a robust red or a crisp white, you’re in for a treat that’s just a little better for you than the rest.

Find Your Perfect Match

Our range of wines is as vast as it is delicious. Looking for your next go-to bottle or something special for Global Drink Wine Day? We’ve got you covered. Dive into our selection and discover your new favourite.  

Don’t forget we also have the perfect range of glassware to really amplify your drinking experience. Be sure to check out the Savor range of glassware our very own Dru Reschke designed. It’s delicate yet robust and looks elegant in your hand.

Our Savor glassware is designed to elevate every note and aroma of your chosen wine, ensuring you get the full Koonara experience. Finally, remember, whether you’re enjoying a glass or a bottle, always drink responsibly.

Cheers to Global DRINK Wine Day!

So, here’s to Global Drink Wine Day, a day to celebrate the joy, culture, and community wine brings into our lives. Whether you’re gathering with friends and family or enjoying a quiet moment alone, let’s raise a glass to the love of wine this February 18th.

And hey, don’t be shy on social media – show us how you’re celebrating with #globaldrinkwineday and #koonarawines. We can’t wait to see which Koonara wine steals the spotlight in your celebrations!

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