Which Wine are you

Which celebrity wine mum are you?

We had a bit of fun pairing our wines with some famous celebrity mums. Did we get it right? Have a look and let us know which celeb wine matches best sums you or your mum up. 

The Sparkling Mum

Guardian Angel Sparkling Chardonnay: This zippy refreshing sparkling has a creamy mouthfeel, leaves you wanting more with a fine bubble. A perfect party starter.

Mum Description: This mum is the life of the party; she knows how to have a good time. She is the fun one, always laughing, she loves to celebrate, loves people and has a bubbly personality.

Celeb Matches: Reese Witherspoon, Bec Judd, Celeste Barber, Khloe Kardashian.

The Moscato Mum

Flowers for Lucy Moscato: This flavour bomb with just a light spirtz. It oozes Turkish delight flavours with a hint of lime. Surprisingly dry and  whole lot of fun but not at all too sweet.  

Mum Description: This mum knows how to have fun.  She is wholesome, sweet and cheerful, always smiling and she is a social butterfly.  

Celeb Matches: Carrie Bickmore, Hillary Duff, Kate Hudson, Katy Perry

The Pinot Gris Mum

Lucy & Alice Pinot Gris:  Delicate waves of apple & pear flavours, but fresh with notes of pear and honey. Not at all sweet, this one is complex and oh so delicious

Mum Description: This mum oozes sophistication. She is intelligent and she is complex. This mum is highly organised and planned

Celeb Matches: Jennifer Garner, Michelle Obama, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr

The Rosé Mum

Emily May Rosé:  This one is all sorts of wonderful. It’s got a whole world of flavours with Turkish delight, raspberry, strawberries and cream. But it’s dry and not at all too sweet. Perfection in glass perhaps?

Mum Description: This mum is classy. She is a creative type and she is successful too. She knows how to have fun but she is also thoughtful and kind.

Celeb Matches: Zoe Forster Blake, Beyonce, Pink, Drew Barrymore

The Shiraz Mum

Angels Peak Shiraz: This bold Shiraz is so consistent vintage to vintage; it never disappoints with its subtle peppery and black fruit flavours.

Mum Description: This mum is powerful and driven. She is successful, she is honest and she is bold. Not afraid to go get what she wants.

Celeb Matches: Serena Williams, Olivia Newton John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey

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